Nov 2


Week 8 Review

Written by Wendi


On a day for tricks or treats, Saturday was just that.  It had some upsets and surprises.

That old green scary monster came out of the closet and upset Michigan at home.  This makes Jim Harbaugh 1-6 at home against both State Rivals.  He is on his last year of contract that has yet to be renewed.  Is this the end of the Harbaugh era?

Just when you think you get a read on Auburn and Texas, they surprise you.  Auburn demolished LSU 48-11.  But you know what that means?  Auburn will fall flat on their face against Mississippi State in a couple of weeks...Texas upset Oklahoma State in overtime in a Texas fashion.  And like Mike said, Texas is not back.  Or are they? 

Another tricky upset was Virginia over North Carolina.  I know it was not on the picks but I am glad it wasn’t.  Did anyone notice that Georgia struggled against Kentucky?  Final was 14-3 in that game.  Should make for an interesting game against Florida this weekend. 

And Clemson barely squeaked by Boston College without Trevor Lawrence.  They were down 18 and rallied for a comeback win.  Can they do that against Notre Dame this week without Lawrence?  Hey Mom, go 10 on Clemson.  I am – NOT!

Did anyone besides Adam get the memo that the starting QB for Kansas State was not going to be playing?  Seriously.  He is out for the season for an upper body injury.  Some of us had some decent points on this that we lost out on.  I looked back at ESPN and this was put out 3 weeks ago?    At least I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know. 

The last 3 games of this spooky night ended with no upsets.  I don’t think any of us could have afforded any more bloodshed <cough cough, mom>.  Boise State handled business with Air Force.  Penn State couldn’t keep pace with 

the Buckeyes and the 12th man proved it existed against the hogs of Arkansas.  


Fun Fact of the Weekend:  Trevor Lawrence is no longer the favorite to win the Heisman. 


On to Pick’ems:

"Happy Halloween”

"All I saw was so much blood – I mean red -- on the weekly scoresheet by 7pm.  There was so much life that was lost this day.  It will go down as one of the goriest Saturday’s in history”

You have Mike who treats Auburn like the boogeyman and is afraid to put points on them.  It cost you twice now Mike.  Will you keep on making the same mistake?  It’s like that Geico commercial where they are picking the shed full of chainsaws versus the running car.  You lose not matter what. 

Mom – I don’t even know where to begin….Mom has become the Charlie Brown of Halloween, going house to house week to week and all she has to show for in her Halloween bucket is rocks each week.  In a matter of 3 weeks, you went from 1st to 7th

Linus Sam keeps waiting for that Giant Pumpkin to show that never does week after week.  Sorry Sam, you will never have a good week.  You will always be my little pumpkin though. 

Although Noah is playing, it is still hard to treat you seriously as a contender. You will always be Casper the friendly ghost to us all.  Nothing scary about your picks. 

Cindy is the Freddy Krueger to David.  David closes his eyes at night and keeps having the same reoccurring dreams as Freddy Krueger chases David down the hall and keeps getting closer and closer and closer.  Freddy is going to get you sooner or later David, why fight it?

Kim is hanging on to 3rd place saying she "ain’t afraid of no upsets ghosts”.  But don’t worry Kim, I am coming for you like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. 

Adam is quietly sneaking up on you like Michael Myers.  But as the Halloween series goes, you always die at the end and get rebooted for another year movie…Sorry Adam…It’s just how it goes.

And last but not least – Marc, you can’t recreate Pet Cemetery and bury your cat picks thinking they will come out better.  They only get worse and can kill your whole season.  There is always next year…Nope, sorry you can’t bury your kid or your wife them next year either.   

Most Points for the week: For the second week in a row, Adam has had this honor.  In a week of Chaos, he was able to snag 38 points.


Least Points for the week: Correct me if I am wrong but I think mom set a new "low” record with 14 points.  Thankfully Ohio State won.  If not, mom would have only had 4 points to her name that day.  I think mom is to the point on whether if she should cry or laugh. 


Best Pick of the week: Adam was the lone picker in West Virginia beating Kansas State.  Me and Sam were also the lone pickers for Texas beating Oklahoma State. 


Worst Pick of the week: I still don’t know why mom and Mike picked Houston over UCF….That is why ya’ll finished in the bottom this week. 


Who needs the $100 this week? David you should be ashamed of yourself by not taking your kids trick-or-treating.  Take this $100 and go buy your kids some candy.  You don’t have to worry about them catching Covid-19, they are already wearing masks…Get it…Ok that was pretty lame but seriously go buy your kids some candy.  I am glad you aren’t my dad.     


Here’s how we rank heading into week 9.


1.       David – 332 points

2.       Cindy – 326 points

3.       Kim – 302 points

4.       Wendi - 300 points

5.       Adam – 299 points

6.       Mike - 297 points

7.       Mom - 277 points

8.       Noah - 276 points

9.       Marc - 258 points

10.   Samuel –246 points

There is an 86 point difference from first to last. 

The Pac 12 joins this week of festivities…Good luck!