Dec 21

Week 15 Review
Written by Wendi

Well it was the finale, the big weekend showdown with the conference championship games and some other good match-ups. 

Am I still bitter and upset that Ohio State received favoritism and played against Northwestern?  Of course.  Did I want them to lose?  Definitely.  But unfortunately they did not.  But they did struggle to move the ball for most of the game and was able to pull away late in the game.  Ugh! 

Oklahoma said "not twice in a year”!  Oklahoma beat Iowa State in a low scoring (for Big 12 standards) defensive battle 27-21.  And for the 6th year in a row, Oklahoma is Big 12 champs. 

After being down 28-7 at the half, Utah scored 38 unanswered points to win 45-28.  And boy was I glad, I had 7 points riding on that game. 

In another low scoring game from Army, the outlasted Air Force 10-7.  The SEC is looking more like the Big 12 when it comes to defense.  LSU and Ole Miss had a shootout where LSU won 53-48.  And of course we all saw the Bama and Florida game.  Yikes. 

We all know why Clemson lost the first time to Notre Dame.  With Trevor Lawrence playing that night, we all knew Notre Dame wouldn’t stand a chance.  Well, apparently Kim and Noah did.  I can’t say I blame Cindy as she was going for the upset.  And to have Notre Dame in the playoffs is laughable. 

In a shocking performance from Boise State, San Jose State won 34-20 and will remain undefeated for the regular season.  Cincinnati and Tulsa play a close game and ended with a Bearcat win 27-24.  I think they should have a spot in the final 4 but what do I know.  I don’t get paid the big bucks. 

Fun Fact of the Weekend:  Alabama’s secondary was exposed the whole game.  Kyle Trask threw for 408 yards.  Bama had a total of 605 yards and Florida had 462.  Defense anyone?

On To pick’ems…

Well this was an interesting finish.  Noah fell right were he belonged from the start.  At the bottom with Samuel.  The top 4 remained the same – David, Cindy, Wendi & Mike.  With mom scoring 50 points over Kim’s 38, she was able to slide into 5th place. 

Samuel put out a rumor that I helped Cindy with telling her David’s picks.  Did I?  No one will ever know but Me, Cindy and Samuel.  😊

Hey look who didn’t finish in 5th place <cough cough Mike>.  At least Marc didn’t finish in 9th.     Marc, you should feel very proud that you beat a 7 year old by 1 point. 

You probably weren’t paying attention, but Mom very quietly finished in the 5th place spot.

Adam likes being mediocre now and doesn’t want to compete.  There is always the Bowl Games right Adam?  I finished in 3rd as I did last year.  Maybe next year, I can move to second.  Maybe even first. 

Now go buy your trophy David.  No one is going to buy it for you! 

Most points for the week:  Me and Mom tied for 50 this final weekend. 

Least points for the week:  Kim only snagged 38 points with Noah right behind her at 39 points. 

Best pick of the week:  Cindy, Mom, Noah and Samuel picking San Jose State over Boise State. They weren’t buying into the Boise State hype.

Worst pick of the week:  Mike going 7 points on Air Force.  If you’re going to pick the upset, go low, Not 7.  By the way I waited for weeks for you to pass me.  What happened?

Who needs the $100 this week?  Not only did Cindy fail miserably at beating David, she’ll need to recoup some gas money as she is traveling to Mike’s for Christmas.  Apparently rumor has it, their host has been less then generous with their meals, so she may need some of that money for take out food as well. 

Here are the final rankings:

1.       David – 620 points

2.       Cindy – 605 points

3.       Wendi - 581 points

4.       Mike – 562 points

5.       Mom - 555 points

6.       Kim - 554 points

7.       Adam - 533 points

8.       Marc - 528 points

9.       Noah - 527 points

10.   Samuel – 513 points

There was a 107 point difference from first to last.   

Good luck on Bowl Pickems.