Aug 24

ESPN Pick’ems Preview 
Well, here we are gearing up for another college football season and another Pick’ems contest! This is one of my favorite times of the year. Not only do we get to watch College Football on Saturdays, but it’s an opportunity for us to humiliate  tease each other.  The picks for week 1 are out and most have signed up. As you already know, its $10 per person and the money needs to be sent to Cindie before the first college football game begins on 9/1/18.  
Yeah, so Megan won last year and apparently is already clearing space on the shelf for another trophy. And if you have seen her trophy shelf… it’s nothing to be proud of. By looking at the dates, those are the only two trophies she’s won. Ever! Jacob is only 8 years old and already has a trophy CASE.                                                                                                                                                                         
But hey, if listing "2017 Pick’ems winner” and "2018 Corn hole Winners” under the achievement section on her resume can land her a new job, so be it. But her winning is old news now. The question is, who’ll be in the hunt for 2018? 

The Usual Suspects: 
 We all know Adam, Cindie, and myself have done historically well and a few of us have actually won it all. In 2017 alone, this group finished in 2nd – 4th place. Barring some type of catastrophe, expect this group to be in the running for the top spot throughout the college football regular season.  

The Unusual Suspects: 
 Kim, Mike and Megan are usually the wild cards in this contest. As noted above, Megan won it all in 2017, but historically….she’s been nothing short of embarrassing. However, can her run of good luck continue into 2018? Mike usually keeps up in the beginning, but somewhere late in the season he always ends up face-planting and never seems to recover. Kim will have her hot streaks but they usually come at the end as she’s trying to play catch up after falling behind early. 

The "Unusual Suspects” finished in 1st 3rd, and 7th place in 2017. 
Who’s Wasting Their Money: 

 There’s no truth to the rumor that the only reason Wendi, Mom, and Teddy get invited to play is that the jackpot gets $30 higher for everyone else. This terrible trio finished up in 8th, 9th and 10th place last year. Wendi will ALWAYS put her money on Michigan. And as if to test Wendi out of the gate, ESPN decides to put the Michigan / Notre Dame game on the week 1 Picks. There’s no need to make fun of Teddy right now because we’ll all get the chance throughout the season. And Mom? She tries. She’s too busy doing Mom things like…riding motorcycles and attending VFW events. 
Great, so what’s REALLY going to happen…… 
Adam - Is the favorite to win; will finish in the top 2 spots