Dec 3


Well, the college football regular season is over and that means we’ll be transitioning to Bowl Mania. But first, let’s recap what happened.

What a great story for Alabama’s Jalen Hurts coming in to replace Tua Tagovailoa in the SEC Championship game and winning it.  After all that man has been through this whole season, it was very fitting. The game may have given Alabama fans hemorrhoids, but I feel for the Georgia fans.  Georgia keeps getting beat by Alabama in the most crushing of ways. And now Bama as the number 1 seed will be playing Oklahoma in the semi-final game which will probably be a shoot-out.

Clemson went through the motions in their 42-10 destruction of Pitt and will advance in the play off to play Notre Dame in the semi-final. You just get the feeling that Notre Dame is going to get crushed. To be really honest, maybe Notre Dame should have been the number 4 seed and Oklahoma the number 3 seed.

Admit it, you snickered after it took forever for Ohio State to get by Northwestern 45-24.

Yeah Oklahoma looked the part of a play-off team by beating Texas in a re-match. I think the committee got it right but could there be an argument that Georgia was the 4th best Team. Sure, but Georgia had that loss over LSU lingering which made it easy for the committee. Ohio State getting in was a long shot with Oklahoma winning.

On to Pick’ems…

That ended in a dud for Wendi after all the trash talk. Outside of her Memphis over UCF pick, which royally backfired, she didn’t make enough "upset picks” to really over take me. The problem though, there weren’t really upsets to go around either. She could have gone Fresno State over Boise State when things were looking bleak though.


I think Cindie was secretly just trying to keep it close…and it worked. She’s already bragging how she beat the rest of you without internet for three weeks. She’ll ride this for 365 days.


The biggest mover was Adam who moved from 7th place and finished in 5th. At least he did better than FSU.


Mike will always remember the 10 points that he stuck on Auburn in week 6 which ended in disaster for him which led to his demise. Will he learn his lesson? Probably not.


Most Points for the week…. Adam secured 52 points for the week which was tops. Since FSU is not going bowling, he’ll hibernate through the rest of the winter until spring ball begins.

Least Points for the week….. I’ll give you one guess on who it is…. Yep, it’s Brendan...with 22 points.

Best Pick of the week…. Adam, Dave, and Megan sticking points on UAB beating Middle Tennessee in a rematch.

Worst Pick of the week….  Kim and Dave putting points on Marshall to beat Virginia Tech. It didn’t end well for Marshall nor did it end well for Kim and Dave.

Who won the $100?   Wendi and Cindie made it easy on me. I have now won the cash two times out of the last 3 years..

 Trophy Winners:

1st Place – David (Me)

Most Improved: Wendi after moving from top bottom 3 last year to the top 3 this year.

Worst Picker – Brendan… need we say more.

Here’s how we finished:

  1. David (559 Points)

  2. Cindie (552 Points)

  3. Wendi  (551 Points)

  4. Dave (535 Points)

  5. Adam (532 Points)

  6. Mike (530 Points)

  7. Megan (527 Points)

  8. Kim (522 Points)

  9. Mom (507 Points)

  10. Brendan (466 Points)

  11. Teddy (130 Points)

It’s off to Bowl Mania. Like Pick’ems, it’s a $10 entry fee and the winner takes all after the bowl games are complete. We’ll continue with the GroupMe chat for Bowl Season too. Be sure to send your money to Cindie BEFORE the first bowl game begins. Otherwise, you will not be eligible for the money.