So Week 4 was fun right?

 Okay I have seen enough of college football to determine three of the four teams that will reach the college football playoff. Sorry to ruin it for you the rest of the season but here it goes:
1. Alabama
2. Ohio State
3. Louisville / Clemson winner
As for the 4th Team, I have no idea. Maybe not even Houston since I am quite confident Louisville will shred the Cougars later on in the year. Maybe a team from the PAC 12 like Stanford? They looked a little shaky against UCLA in their road win.

So let this always be a lesson. DO NOT EVER TALK TRASH right before a football game unless you plan on backing it up. Florida was doing it all week and the entire 1st half against Tennessee. Then the Florida defense imploded and Tennessee had their largest comeback in history to beat the Gators.
Yeah Arkansas you deserved to lose that game based on play calling near the goal line and the amount of turnovers. Who calls a jet sweep on 4th and 1 inches from A&M’s goal line?.... apparently the Arkansas Head Coach Does. Texas A&M might be the real deal……but I’m still not sold.

That LSU-Auburn ending was one of a kind. Right after LSU won the game, they lost it. Yes it was the right call by the refs. As I was watching the game live, I noticed the game clock was sitting at 0:00 before the snap and thought the refs missed. However, power boosters from LSU have had enough of the Les Miles era after getting branded a Top 5 Team to kick-off the season will all of the returning talent. Dropping the opener to Wisconsin is one thing, but those dumping a ton of money into the LSU athletic department didn’t want to lose to Auburn. Not like that. So just like that, Les Miles and his offensive coordinator get the pink slip. I am calling it now; LSU will lose at least two more games. Maybe more. That program is in disarray.

Oh and lost in the madness? One of the Toomer’s Corners Trees caught on fire. Yes a man was arrested for it after lighting the toilet paper hanging from the trees… He resides from Auburn as well.

Speaking of pink slips, the Notre Dame Defensive Coordinator got the can after Head Coach Brian Kelly stated that coaching had nothing to do with the losing 3 games. This comes after Duke beat Notre Dame. AT NOTRE DAME!!!!

Remember how everyone was screaming that Texas was back after beating Notre Dame? Whoops. Yeah, THAT Notre Dame team is now 1-3. But’s let face it, Mike and 10 of his church buddies could probably beat Notre Dame…. AT Notre Dame!

I was one of those that was jumping on the B1G bandwagon after Michigan State beat Notre Dame last week but then the Spartans got pasted by Wisconsin…. the same Wisconsin team that barely beat LSU in the opener… who got beat by Auburn.

Fine, so the class of the B1G is still Ohio State… We’ll see if either Michigan or Wisconsin will be a challenger to the Buckeyes. Michigan and Wisconsin play this week…. And we all know it will be on the Picks… Pick your poison.

So how did we do in our picks?

I have a confession to make… I originally had Tennessee picked to win the game but switched my pick after Cindie coerced me into picking the Gators since they had a 11 or 12 game win streak over Tennessee. Cindie bought into the Gator trash talk and it cost both of us.

I also had Texas A&M picked but after getting desperate due to Teddy winning all but one game I got a little desperate.

That sound you heard was Cindie politely excusing herself from the big boy table and making room for Teddy and Mike.

You know someone has it out for you when they personally text you and say they are coming for you. That was Teddy sending me texts late Saturday night. I was already worried he would overtake me in points but I got a little scared once he texted me "hehehe”. I had to check the front door just to ensure he wasn’t there.

Clearly Mike needs to win the $80 bucks. Mike got pulled over about a month ago for speeding on the way back to his house…and got a ticket. Well, it appears Mike hasn’t learned his lesson considering he’s sped from dead last to 3rd place in a span of 3 weeks. The proceeds from the winnings should help pay the ticket and maybe future tickets.

Best Pick of the week: This may be the only time Megan gets the recognition but the Auburn pick was genius. She was laughing considering everyone lost big points on LSU. But don’t worry Megan; we are all laughing at you for being in last place!

Worst Pick of the week: It’s one thing to pick Georgia but Mom placed 9 points on Georgia beating Ole Miss. YIKES! It’s the reason she is also ‘recognized’ for the least points.

Most points for the week: Teddy and Mike smoked it this week nailing 46 of 55 points. Teddy, for now, has claimed the top spot while Mike has made his move to 3rd.

Least Points for the week: That would be your Mother who is making her decent to the bottom after hitting 34 points for the week. She’s currently in 6th place and only 3 points ahead of Wendi. And when you’re close to Wendi, that means you aren’t far from Megan.

Here’s how we rank:
1. Teddy (168 points)
2. David (166 points)
3. Mike (160 points)
4. Cindie (160 points)
5. Kim (155 points)
6. Mom (154 points)
7. Wendi (151 points)
8. Megan (137 points)

Good luck on this week’s picks. Well……not really.

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